On Tuesday, the Lord Chancellor announced his decision to reject the Legal Services Boards (LSB) recommendation that Will writing become a reserved activity.

May 17th 2013

Andrew Hall, President of the Professional Association of Legal Services (PALS) who have been providing security and peace of mind to the clients of its members by guaranteeing the continuity of services purchased since 2002, comments:

"We welcome the findings of the Lord Chancellor as we firmly believe that adding new regulatory burdens to independent providers would have resulted, at best, in higher costs for the consumers and at worst, driven a large number of providers out of the market.

We also agree with the Lord Chancellor that the LSB “does not adequately demonstrate that reservation is the best solution or that alternative measures have been sufficiently exhausted in seeking to address this detriment”. We also agree that there should be “further efforts” to see if these alternative measures can be made more effective before resorting to reservation.

With hundreds of individual advisers under the umbrella of the largest companies within the industry, we represent in the region of 70% of the Wills written in the independent legal services sector and feel that the public should always have adequate support to choose a reputable provider adhering to voluntary or compulsory codes of practice and who provide consumer protection.

The clients of PALS members have added security through continuity of service both now and in the future. Our members are committed to client satisfaction and strive to be market leaders in providing protected services for their clients, after all, the aim of PALS is to provide reassurance and protection to clients so they can buy with confidence in an uncertain world."

Submission to The Legal Services Board Consultation on Will-writing and Related Services

November 28th 2011

Following the recent call for evidence, PAL’s has made its submission to the LSB setting out its position with regard to the regulation of Will writing and the general review of the wider legal services market. The independent Will-writing sector has been and is a force for public good: there are more Wills in place now than would otherwise be the case thanks to the efforts of the industry, and we believe Wills overall are being delivered at a lower price thanks to this more competitive market. Read more